12 pack Gift Crate ½ Pint Jars

12 pack Gift Crate ½ Pint Jars

$ 90.00

Crate is beautifully hand crafted in cedar wood, branded

        • 2 Cinnamon Girl (*apples,*raisins,*pecans)
        • 2 Date In The Life (*dates,*apricots,*walnuts,*shredded coconut
        • 2 Chai A Little Tenderness (*crystallized ginger,*pecans,*raisins)
        • 2 Gettin Figgy Wit It (*black mission figs,*cranberries,*pecans)
        • 2 Scarborough Pear (*crystallized ginger,*hazelnuts,*pears)
        • 1 Lavender Blue (*lavender,*blueberries, nectarines,hazelnuts,*shredded coconut)
        • 1 My Cherry Amour (*dark chocolate chips,*white chocolate chips,*cherries,*pecans)

                       (Flavor combinations may vary on occasion)

    • All have a base layer of *almond butter,*coconut oil,*flax,*brown sugar,*oats.

             *Indicates Organic

    • All have a base layer of almond butter, coconut oil, flax,brown sugar,oats.

      Cooks directly in the jar!   Just add hot water, replace the lid, steep, stir, & eat!

      Peace, Love, & Oats!

    • Food Allergy Warning:  Products contain Tree Nuts