About Us

   Haulin’ Oats® is the finest organic oatmeal blends on earth! Made in small batches weekly using premium sourced ingredients, our oatmeal flavors combine old fashioned rolled oats with a variety of plant based proteins, high quality fats, delicious dried fruits and unique spice blends to promote healthful eating on the run without sacrificing taste. Totally self contained in a mason jar customers can choose a traditional hot cook method by just adding boiling water, stir, steep 3 – 5 minutes and eat or for a cold, creamy breakfast or snack add your favorite dairy or non-dairy liquid, stir and place in the refrigerator overnight. Our customers love the flexibility of preparation, the convenience of eating healthy and the added gift giving benefits with fun flavor names all beautifully assembled in a reusable mason jar. Haulin’ Oats® is loved by all ages and our customers claim oat addiction for life!

     From our kitchen to yours, we wish you peace, love and LOTS OF OATS,

     Tracey Levine and Cindy Muscarello


Carmel, California

Nashville, Tennessee


Tennessee (831)601-3316

California (831)809-8876

Email Us: haulinoatz@gmail.com

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